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Theatergroep Vreemde Vis

We are Vreemde Vis, a theatre group from Utrecht. We produce theatrical plays based on personal stories and current societally-relevant issues. Our newest theatre play ‘Here comes the Queen’ is custom made for expat families in the Netherlands.

Here comes the Queen

‘Here comes the Queen’ is about what it is like to start over in a new country, but also about friendship and having the courage to be yourself. In our tragicomic theatre play we present a situation that is recognizable for children who know what it is like to move from place to place and the insecurities that come along with that.

The Queen and her servant have been moving their entire life. They have just moved to planet Earth. The servant is fully enjoying the new culture and rapidly learns to speak the Spanish language, which is spoken there. The Queen is tired from all this moving. She doesn’t understand the new language and finds the traditions quite odd. She makes up all kinds of excuses for not having to go outside.

This play is suitable for children from age six, and at the same time enjoyable for parents. The play is largely spoken in English (with some fragments of Spanish, which are not important for understanding the play). It is a forty-five minute play which can be performed on virtually every stage. It’s also possible to book a tailor made education program, which will enrich the theatrical experience.

Queen: Scared?
Scared of what?
The people?
That they wouldn’t like me?
That they won’t talk to me?
I’m not scared of that.
I’m the Queen.
I’m not scared of anything.

Concept: Vreemde Vis | Director: Lilian Vis Dieperink | Performers: Paula Lima, Lilian Vis Dieperink |
Writer: Anne Hogewind | Stage design: Stefanie Bonte

Funded by:

VSB FondsGemeente Utrecht

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